The New Dan Bongino Show Debuted Today


May 24, 2021 

WHAT: Dan Bongino conducted a live interview with Former President Donald J. Trump for his new radio program The Dan Bongino Show.   

Trump said “we’re going to make you very happy” when asked if would run for president again in 2024, called the NY attorney general’s criminal investigation of The Trump organization announced last week “prosecutorial misconduct,” and said you can drop “probably” from the coronavirus originating in a Chinese lab. 

WHEN: The interviewed aired live during the second hour of the inaugural broadcast of The Dan Bongino Show today 

Complete audio of the interview can be found here. 

On running in 2024: 

We are going to make you very happy, and we’re going to do what’s right. And we’ve done a great job for the country, and we rebuilt our military, and had the greatest economy ever, twice! 

We’ll let you know at the right time … but certainly I am looking at it very seriously. 

Reaction to the New York Attorney General investigation: 

It’s a continuation of the biggest, greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. And they didn’t get me in Washington, they tried Muller, they tried Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, impeachment one, impeachment two … and they sent the papers down to New York, “Hey, do the best you can!”  It’s honestly … a disgrace, and they hurt so many people, and it is very costly … it is pure politics.  We have … radical, liberal, democrat prosecutors and they’ll do anything they can. 

They play a much tougher game than the Republicans. The Republicans don’t play that way – they play a simpler game. 

The Witch hunt continues … and probably always will … it should be illegal …  It’s prosecutorial misconduct.   

Trump on Coronavirus: 

“Very, very little doubt that it came from a lab…” 

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